Tell me what topics to blog about?

vote for 3!

vote for 3!

Today I officially quit my day job. I will miss my colleagues and the kids I worked with but I am ready to be done with interpreting. Also, I want to be more available to help more people learn to gig the college circuit! What I am offering on this blog is transparency about my process as I continue to systemize it. WHILE bringing in gigs for my talent and documentary on the college circuit, I will share the steps along the way. What topics should I blog about? Please vote on your top three!

Austin Unbound distribution

so, what’s your film?

Austin Unbound distribution

Eliza outside Collective Eye Films Distributor

As a filmmaker, you probably know the feeling of being tired of self-promotion! I started this documentary project ten years ago and here is what I am enjoying about it:

  • We just signed the film with an educational distributor! See me pictured outside their offices with a shiny new DVD cover. The film has already touched thousands of people and there continues to be interest.
  • When it was released, we hit the festival circuit globally. The original version is in ASL with English subtitles and has a very unique sound design. The film has since been translated into six other languages including Russian, Chinese, Serbian, Italian, German & Portuguese.
  • I got to accept a gorgeous award at a festival that brought me and the film on a paid trip to Russia!
  • There has been strong interest from college departments – rather than spending more time and money going to festivals, I switched gears and focused on college screenings. What a nice change being paid for travel plus screening fees & honoraria!
  • I get to show others how to tap the college market with their important films.

I still get to laugh at myself for using the royal “we” when I talk about it, because there have been so many people involved over the years. I’ve been the driving force, but it never would have happened without many many talented and bright people who pitched-in along the way.

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Can this be a full-time thing? 

Yes! Many people make entire careers out of gigging the college market. You can book yourself over nine months/year! On this site I will provide tips and tricks on how to structure it so you can get the most bang for your buck, how to handle the stress of being on the road, how to get into conferences specific to your topic, etc. Contact me so we can talk about how 


What if I have another job, but could totally get into doing it part-time? 

Sure! Be in touch if you want to build audience with your film but only want to travel a one or two weeks a month, this will be your go-to for creative scheduling, ways to get a rep and/or hire a VA.


Ok, paid travel sounds great but I can’t imagine being away from my job, life, kids so much. 

Great! I recommend targeted outreach to specific colleges in places you want to trave. Find me here. You can “cherry pick” your gigs and I will share how!