Tell me what topics to blog about?

vote for 3!

vote for 3!

Today I officially quit my day job. I will miss my colleagues and the kids I worked with but I am ready to be done with interpreting. Also, I want to be more available to help more people learn to gig the college circuit! What I am offering on this blog is transparency about my process as I continue to systemize it. WHILE bringing in gigs for my talent and documentary on the college circuit, I will share the steps along the way. What topics should I blog about? Please vote on your top three!


First Call :)

One of my heroines, Angela Lauria, hosted a call on Coaches Book Circle where I got to share how I made $43,000 with my film on the college market. Here is the recording!

I offer consulting that helps people get their works, artistic and otherwise, toured on the college circuit.