Embracing Failure

yoga guiness book of world records

breaking a Guiness Book of World Records by doing yoga!

I posted recently about goals for WDS. My score? Failed with 56%. Feels great! One of the things I ❤ about this community, (and millennials) is that  “failure” is a worthwhile method towards success. You have to try things and put yourself out there and keep moving ahead in order to get anywhere. I learned this one the hard way with my own documentary – don’t take too much time polishing! Although I am truly happy with the way my film turned out, seven years is too long. Here’s my WDS report card:

*create branding for pilot project. – 27%

As for the branding. I got a nice big FAIL on this. I still like “cherries” best of all. I got more out of the connections at WDS this year than the soul-searching. 

*WFH – get freelance gigs. – 52%

The career shift is going better, thanks! I met Mac from Mac’s List. Just from 15 minutes of conversation I came away with action items which I am chipping away at. Thanks to him, here is my refreshed LinkedIn profile. Isn’t it great meeting professionals who love what they do? 

*refine price points for pilot project. – 89%

  • I would like to offer a workshop for $50-$100/person – putting this together is taking some time.
  • Until then, I am offering $125 for a two-part series which you will complete in 4 weeks. For $125, you will have access to me for two sessions by Skype or phone. We will work offline to create a customized outreach plan. I will provide templates and forms to tailor for your own campaign. 
  • I am also available to offer 1:1 support, in a quarterly plan for $100/month. This includes monthly sessions creating a sales kit, generating lists of top prospects to court and creating a campaign to launch and get you out there gigging!

Ready to make a Paypal payment? Please be in touch! If you aren’t ready to commit, just say hello and tell me about your project! I am using this experience from doing yoga at WDS in the Great Namaste to set a new goal. That day I helped break a Guiness Book of World Records with 808 other people at Pioneer Square. Before the next WDS I will have helped 808 filmmakers and I will have an ebook with all the condensed info. I may want it to be perfect but hopefully it wont be!


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