Setting Goals

world domination summit

second year going to WDS!

Headed to the World Domination Summit (WDS) this weekend and posted these goals on my WDS profile:

*WFH – get freelance gigs:

I love doing marketing and development work and have room on my plate to help support creatives with their projects and programs. I am looking for WFH income to help pay my bills. I would love to work with internet professionals.

*refine pricepoints for pilot project (this):

What I have to offer right now is hourly consulting – normally at $150/hour by Skype or phone but this is in development. I help with positioning in the marketplace and come up with an outreach plan tailored to your film. In our follow-up session, we will review and hone your materials and strategy to reach even more people.

Next, I will be adding an ebook, workshops, and, for the right projects, actual campaign management.

*create branding for pilot project (this):

Last week, I unveiled my blog to my dear friend, Anne, and she single-handedly scrapped my idea for “cherry-picking” branding. I have poor grammar compared to Anne, who is far better-read than I. Welp, turns out “cherry picking” is associated with fallacy. Boo! For me, cherry picking was always about climbing up the ladder in my grandparents’ yard, eating the juiciest and putting rest in the bucket tied around my waist to later can with Grandma and then eat all winter. Out of their entire garden, the cherries were most revered; we picked so many that Grandpa sent me with full bags to neighbors and friends to enjoy, too. And as an filmmakers who want our films seen, why not seek out havens such as these with plenty of bounty to share?


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