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Can this be a full-time thing? 

Yes! Many people make entire careers out of gigging the college market. You can book yourself over nine months/year! On this site I will provide tips and tricks on how to structure it so you can get the most bang for your buck, how to handle the stress of being on the road, how to get into conferences specific to your topic, etc. Contact me so we can talk about how 


What if I have another job, but could totally get into doing it part-time? 

Sure! Be in touch if you want to build audience with your film but only want to travel a one or two weeks a month, this will be your go-to for creative scheduling, ways to get a rep and/or hire a VA.


Ok, paid travel sounds great but I can’t imagine being away from my job, life, kids so much. 

Great! I recommend targeted outreach to specific colleges in places you want to trave. Find me here. You can “cherry pick” your gigs and I will share how!