Rather than relying solely on film festivals to get their documentaries seen, many filmmakers build entire careers out of gigging the college market. Get paid to travel year round, part-time or even sporadically. I did it with my film for years and now I teach other filmmakers how to do the same.

Here I will tell you how to meet prospects in places you want to travel, make the most of the travel while balancing life at home, present at conferences, and work with partners throughout the process. The best part is, unlike most festivals, college screenings provide cash-positive ways to get your film seen!

Contact me to set up your free 30 minute Skype or phone consultation – together we will identify which college departments to start with and next steps in your outreach efforts. At that point, you can choose to hire me to help build out your campaign or for ongoing consultation services.

After my session with Eliza Greenwood, I felt immediately empowered about the role I have in the future of my documentary film. She provided concrete ideas of how to market my film to audiences who really want to see it AND who want to pay for it. By telling about her own experience as a doc filmmaker, Eliza reminded me why I made my film in the first place—to enlighten, inspire and ignite change. She is an inspiration!  – Amy Benson, Drawing the Tiger

Meet Eliza from Eliza Greenwood on Vimeo.


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